Our Coaches

coach (n): a vessel for moving someone from where they are to where they’d like to be.


Alison Exner

Alison believes in the inherent beauty, wisdom and gifts born into each being.

Alison’s work is rooted in the championing of human potential and our ability to bring joy and meaningful change into the world around us.  We are all a part of the human experience and yet we are each radically unique — each of our lives taking its own course and faced with its own individual challenges.

It's in these challenges that we face where the opportunities lie to look honestly at our own experience and to find the places where we can grow and develop as individuals.  When we can look at our own lives with an open heart and curious mind, developing a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up in the world, we can accelerate our growth and thus our contribution to the transformation of the world around us.

Alison uses a strong inquiry based method for getting to the root of what is holding her clients back.  She is a certified Master NLP Practitioner (NLP Marin) and has a long practice and education in Mindfulness and Yoga.  She is committed to living a life filled with curiosity that challenges her to constantly learn and to become more of who she has always been. 

Once we can stop hiding who we are and instead learn to embrace who we are, we can offer ourselves to the world — to serve those around us, to connect with what's important, and to make a difference in each life we touch.


Kayla Strong

Kayla is passionate about human connection — connection with herself, with others and the world around her. She finds purpose and love in the space of transformational work for this reason, and for what it gives to our relationships and understanding. On her journey of transformation she has found one of the most significant tools in her tool kit is transparency, where honest connection can thrive.

She coaches people in honest connection with themselves and the world around them to harness their energy most effectively for the life they want. Utilizing the tools of yoga, body movement, transparency coaching, transformational NLP, intuitive card reading & plant medicines she guides herself and others to interconnection in all areas of life. She is in love and full appreciation for this life we get to live everyday — the amazing roller coaster ride of life with the twists and turns, she honors it all. She wants to share this appreciation and respect she has for all life and share guidance on how to come into communion with life.

She earned a Communication B.A. where she studied human communication and combines her training in yoga philosophy, anatomy and meditation to coach people into deep relationship with their mind, body and spirit.

Kayla finds joy in braiding the mind, body, breath and soul together to create magic. Offering guidance from her learnings and teachings, she supports people in the process of creating the life they want through transparency, communication, understanding and devotion.


Jessica Dufour

Jessica Dufour is a Master Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP). With over 10,000 hours of mastery she continues to deepen her understanding of the material by studying Holographic NLP. She also helps teach at NLP Marin where she assists students in learning Transformational NLP.

The first half of Jessica’s career was as an Senior Experience Designer & Researcher. Jessica received her B.A. in Design | Media Arts from UCLA and went on to study advertising in San Francisco. For 15 years Jessica has worked on the largest brands in the world like Google, Nike, PayPal, Hilton and the list goes on.

Jessica’s strong passion for helping others to have a better experiences has grown beyond the constraints of websites and mobile apps. Now, Jessica helps people shift their unconscious beliefs so that they can experience a life that is in service to their overall wellbeing.