Bringing people closer — to themselves and to their communities — is our life's work.


Womxn's Circles

These groups are at the heart of all we do.  We bring womxn together in a safe space to connect with one another, learn, grow, and to explore the depths of who they are — leading to more confidence, freedom and choice in their lives.

We need more womxn in leadership positions and it's our goal to give womxn the tools they need to get our voices heard and our ideas into the world.  These groups are here to create inclusion, understanding, and diversity among womxn and our world.  They are meant to challenge womxn to better support themselves and to ask for support from others leading to increased resilience, self-confidence, empowerment, joy and meaning in one’s life. 


Transformational Coaching

Each of our greatest passions is meeting with people to have meaningful conversation exploring their unique strengths and gifts that are theirs to give to this world.  Using NLP and other coaching techniques and traditions, we guide our clients to explore their truth and identity — creating more choice and freedom along the way. 


Group Facilitation

We create and facilitate programs for groups who would like to clarify their mission, values, vision, and goals individually and collectively.  

Workshops include both personal and group exploration to understand ourselves and one another more fully and to play with, pull apart and restructure the group dynamics.

We love (and see the need) to create and adjust our programs based on your group’s specific needs. Activities can be held indoors or outdoors.

Email to learn more or to discuss creating a workshop specific for your group.