Coaching for a Connected World

I believe in the inherent beauty born into each being.

My work is rooted in the belief in human potential and our ability to bring joy and meaningful change into the world around us.  We are all a part of the human experience and yet we are each radically unique — each of our lives taking its own course and faced with its own individual challenges.

It's in these challenges that we face where the opportunities lie to look honestly at our own experience and to find the places where we can grow and develop as individuals.  When we can look at our own lives with an open heart and curious mind, developing a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up in the world, we can accelerate our growth and thus our contribution to the transformation of the world around us.


We each have profoundly unique ways of serving the world by virtue of our experience, our histories, our perceptions, and our interactions in the world.

I'm committed to this work, to having transformational conversations, for all the kids who grew up and who are growing up believing they have to hide who they are, have to dim their light, have to be ashamed of where they're from, and have to hide their beauty and creativity. 

And especially for those who won't allow themselves to see their strengths and capabilities because of the lives they've lived. 


My dream is for this work towards awareness to spill into the lives of all by working with groups and individuals — leaders who have the ability to shape our policies, parents who have the opportunity to guide and empower their children, women who are taking action to show up more fully — to enliven them to live by example, connect more fully, and to give to the world around them. 

I use a strong inquiry based method for getting to the root of what is holding my clients back.  I am certified as a Master NLP Practitioner (NLP Marin) and have a long practice and education in Mindfulness and Yoga.  I am committed to living a life filled with curiosity that challenges me to constantly learn and to become more of who I've always been. 

Once we can stop hiding who we are and instead learn to embrace who we are, we can offer ourselves to the world — to serve those around us, to connect with what's important, and to make a difference in each life we touch.

I hope you'll join us.